Author: Deepak Hebbur

Being an aspiring engineer, have you wondered what qualities would get you an entry into industry? Do you know what attributes are being closely watched by industry people during recruitment? Interestingly, it is the same set of qualities that leads t growth and success in the industry!! Here is the list of top such qualities
1. Never Say Die
When a problem is given to solve, expectation is to understand, structure, use skills, explore, develop a solution, validate it and deliver. An attitude of “Never Give-up” is required to work through the problem and bring a solution. This attitude has to be nurtured by the individual during the entire engineering course. When a student joins Engineering, it is a new beginning which opens up plenty of opportunities. These opportunities should be used as playground to build an attitude to continuously focus and never give up. When a problem is given, I see a lot of people come back in a short time for help although with a little bit of structured thinking they would have reached the solution. This is a NO-GO in the industry. The attitude of perseverance and Never Say Die is one of the essentials to success.
2. Throw away the Crowd Mind-set
I see a lot of engineers follow a set pattern in actions. Because someone previously has done that way or their friends are doing it that way does not mean it is right. Student has to look at what results, following a certain path will lead. Even if it leads to taking up a step which no one is willing to take, you have to be courageous to do it. If you follow the crowd, it is always the easy path and leads to mediocre results. To achieve excellence, you have to throw away the Crowd Mind-set.
3. “No Curiosity” kills the cat
The world is moving so fast with technological advancements that students have to constantly learn to keep abreast. Key to success is to identify areas of interest and following them every day reading, noting and writing about them. Developing curiosity on anything that is seemingly new is very important to broaden your knowledge base.
4. It is not HOW MANY but HOW MUCH
I see lot of resumes listing out all the skills on earth. But, when I pick one of them and dig to know how deep the Engineer has gone, the reality is horrifying. All the skills listed are known at a very superficial level. To be blunt – the Engineer can spell it. I would be happy to have an Engineer who has listed few perfectly learnt skills rather than an Engineer who claims to know so many skills superficially. It is not HOW MANY skills you put in your resume, but HOW MUCH you know on the skills you have put there.
5. Get your hands dirty
The proven way to learn is by doing. No theoretical knowledge is complete without knowing how to apply it somewhere. I see a misunderstanding in students. The prescribed academics is considered as the only thing to learn. But reality is – students are required to expand their knowledge using the academics and looking beyond. One has to take up practical projects / tasks to apply each of the concept learnt. Getting hands dirty is the only way to achieve mastery in any topic.
6. The Power of Basics
Every complex problem will have to be ultimately be broken down to smaller basic components to solve. This is where having strong basics will make a big difference. To excel in the industry, building knowledge of basic concepts in every stream is most important. Without a strong foundation, no big structure can be built. You have to work on getting basics right from the initial days of the course.
Your technical strength is of-course one of the biggest differentiator. To create this differentiator, the above qualities are a must. Keeping these aspects always in focus will make YOU transform to an ENGINEERING TALENT than getting identified as just one more engineer!!